Sunday, January 9, 2011

Interview with Ghandoora!

So here is an interview with the amazing Ghandoora.Click HERE to visit her.
1. Tell me a little abouy yourself

Hello all I’m Ghadeer ( mean : water ) 16 years old from Jordan was born in KSA 21-June-1994 .. my hobbies are : go shopping , surf the internet for more than 10 hours per day  , making friends and listening to music .. I’m interesting so much about Korea since I was 6 years old !! don’t ask me why :P

2. Where did you find out about stardoll? How long have you been paying it?
Well in 2-May-2009 I was searching for online games .. and ta da I joined stardoll .. I playing it for more than 1.5 year

3. If there was one thing you could change on stardoll what would it be?
Paying for Superstars for free ! it’s really expensive :S 

4. Do you have a stardoll talent?
Yea in making and creating new way to dress up my medoll ^^

5. Does anyone inspire you?
Yes .. when I’m in the mood I create crazy things :) but not anyone can inspire me :S 

6. What are your 5 must haves for the winter?
Fur jacket , pretty scarf , leather boots , short skirt and mascara  

7. Would you like to say anything to the readers?
Yes .. I want to thank you for making this cute interview with me .. it’s really mean a lot for me Love you all .. Kisses 


Thank you so much for your interview I also enjoyed it! xx

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